Abellio - key figures
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Netherlands - 2001 - private operator train/light rail/bus - UK, DE, NL
Subsidiary of NS - 20,000 people - 1.7 billions journeys

Abellio is a subsidiary of the Dutch Railways NS, founded in 2001 as NedRail before being renamed Abellio in October 2009. The company provides both bus, tram and train services. According his website, every day 20,000 Abellio people provide public transport for more than 1.7 million passengers in three European countries.

In the UK, a 25 year franchise to operate Merseyrail was won in 2003 in a joint venture with Serco. Northern Rail followed in 2004 - won by the same joint venture. Abellio also operate since 2009 buses services through Abellio London & Surrey. In October 2014, the franchise of Scotland Transport (ScotRail) was awarded to Abellio, which signed in march 2015 a contract with Hitachi for the supply and maintenance of 70 electric multiple-units.

In Germany, Abellio Deutschland serves communities in North Rhine Westphalia by rail, mostly between Essen and Siegen /  along the Ruhr and  rivers. Abellio operates with Stadler FLIRT trainsets and the maintenance depot is located at Hagen. Abellion currently has 134 train vehicles, over 460 train services per day, together serving ca. 65,000 passengers a day. In 2016 the company will run 507 train vehicles on 850 train services per day. As of December 2016, Abellio Germany will service up to 150,000 passengers per day.

In the Netherlands, the company operates three bus/tram concessions. Abellio run with Qbuzz which operates concessions in Groningen-Drenthe, Zuidoost Friesland and Utrecht, with 700 busses for around 300,000 passengers per day. HTM provides tram and bus services (by HTMbuzz) in the area of The Hague with 115 buses and 209 trams and light rail vehicles. There are no trains services in Netherland, which stay provided by the national incumbent NS. 

Abellio thus benefits the legal requirements of liberalization instilled by European policy. This liberalization was detailed to Britain in this article and for the Netherlands at this link.