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Bombardier/AnsaldoBreda – 2015 – High speed trainset ordered in Italy (Trenitalia)

The ETR1000 is the last high speed train family of Bombardier Transport. So far, the Canadian firm has not entered the european market and had to settle for China, where his HST circulates under the name "Zefiro". The whole family is composed by the Zefiro 250 (250 km/h), Zefiro 300 (300 km/h) and Zefiro 380 planned for 380 km/h. There are not articulated cars such on the french TGV (Alstom) or on the Talgo set and the design is more closely similar to the german's ICE. 

The european version comes from de V300Zefiro platform. According Bombardier, the Zefiro meets all the latest TSI requirements of the most European countries. Thanks to its multi-voltage technology the train will be a train that knows no frontiers and with a commercial speed of up to 360km/h it is also one of the fastest trains in Europe. It was ordered for a total of € 1.54 billion (with the Bombardier's share for €654m) in September 2010 by Trenitalia as ETR1000 (Frecciarossa 1000), for 50 trainsets of height cars (202m), which can seat up to 469 passengers (+ 2 disables). The contract was awarded in reality to a Bombardier/AnsaldoBreda joint-venture in August 2010, which is explained by the fact that Bombardier has not an HST assembly plant in Europe. Under the technical leadership of Bombardier, the production, testing and commissioning of the ETR1000 for Italy have take place in Italy at AnsaldoBreda sites and the Bombardier site in Vado Ligure. Other Bombardier sites have also participated in the development of the new train, such as the Bombardier high speed trains engineering hub site located in Hennigsdorf, Germany.

The Trenitalia's customers can choose four different service level - Executive, Business, Premium and Standard. The trainset has a traction distributed on all his lenght, in others words there are 16 engines for a maximal speed of 400km/h, but this speed will be not allowed before many years. It exceeded 300 km/h between Rome and Naples on 3 May 2014, with 318 km/h. The target of trenitalia is to cut the journey Milan-Rome without stop in around 2h20 in the first time, with, as the final goal to reach only two hours. His maiden trip has been carried out on 25 april 2015 between Milan and Rome as shown this report.

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