Switzerland / SBB : Olten workshop is getting ready for train sets
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SBB increasingly replace the trains hauled by a locomotive by motorized train sets (non deformable units). This change has an impact on the maintenance. Therefore, the SBB workshop Olten will be adjusted structurally by 2018: in the future, the maintenance of 150 meter long trains will be possible by lengthening of the main hall. For more than 30 years individual cars are repaired and maintained in the SBB Olten workshop. The SBB-Olten workshop with its 800 employees is an important strategic location for modular maintenance and heavy maintenance works on vehicles of regional and long-distance traffic. The workshop is responsible for the processing of components such as wheelsets, bogies or toilet systems.

In the future, train compositions can be of up to 150 m long. The required capacity for the maintenance of 375 train sets is guaranteed and the processes of the workshop can be further improved to increase productivity. The project envisages three new halls with 150 meter long tracks. Linked to this is the reconstruction of the hall for the installation of new cranes over an area of 5000 square meters as well as the renovation of the building structure. Thus, repairs are possible in the future at the same time under the train, laterally, on the roof and inside the vehicle. In addition, a new more ergonomic underfloor lifting system is provided and productivity will be increased. It will be Switzerland's first facility for trainsets, for a costs amount to approximately CHF 37 million.

With these structural adjustments and modernization of the operating facilities, the SBB-Olten workhop is preparing for the change of the exploitation of the trains. The start of construction is scheduled for autumn 2016 and the work will take two years.