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Emu class 442 from De Panne arrives at Brussels-Midi, the 27 April 2011. The real name of the class is AM96, and this Emu of three cars was build in 1996 (photo

Belgium : 7798 (G1706 Vossloh) at the APM terminal of Zeebrugge, 08 Septembre 2006 (photo
Belgium : french TGV "Réseau" 4518 at yard in Bruxelles-Midi (09 July 2012 - photo

The TGV POS train No. 4714 is part of 30 trainsets named "3UA" fourth generation "TGV 2N2" for service SNCF / VFE - Lyria / CFF - Alleo / DB and Elipsos / Renfe. The trains also called "Euroduplex" are sisters of the generation of the TGV Duplex Dasye and they resume the main features. The power cars, numbered 4701-4730, are of the type TGV POS (Paris - Ostfrankreich - Süddeutschland), and have an asynchronous traction drive motor and the European ERTMS signaling system. They are suitable for France, Germany and Switzerland (Paris-Est station, 12 September 2015 - photo

Belgium : a class 19 on an InterCity Eupen-Ostend? This is possible if it is required to couple automatically two trainsets. But the trainset Ostende-Eupen is a single set with cars class I11 and a driver-car, which does not necessitate the presence of a automatic coupling  (Brussels-Midi, May 27, 2013, click on the picture to enlarge - photo

SNCB uses his old class 55 diesel locomotives for his TGV rescue. Until now, these locomotives had not a specific livery and conserved the old yellow livery. At their reconstruction in the workshop of Salzinnes (Namur), they received the new livery applied to the current locomotives Siemens (class 18 and 19), ie the most recent version. Here is the new livery for the 5509 while behind, the 5511 has still his original yellow livery.

Empty set of EETC from Watergraafsmeer's depot (Amsterdam). Now this motorail continues to Tuscany after adding of motorail wagons and embarkment of the passengers, here in s'Hertogensbosch. This year (2015), the motorail service has stopped due to expensive rates of toll and services in Germany and Switzerland (july 2013 -
 ES64U2 of MRCE at Duisbourg-Hbf (22 june 2013 - photo
Freight Gent-Rodenhuize to Clabecq at Masnuy Saint Pierre (B) - 15 may 2015 - photo
Class 966 at Ghlin, L96 just 7 km before Mons, 15 may 2015 (photo
Class 1880 at Brussels-Midi, 19 novembre 2012 (photo
Class 2718 on an Inter-City with coach class M4 at Brussels-Midi, 27 march 2015 (photo
Class 120 123-5 at Francfort-Hbf (september 2006 - photo
Belgian class 1191 with the 637 from Amsterdam seen at Brussels-Midi i, july 2004 (photo
Belgian car class M4 with his original livery, the "red time" (1980-2000), here seen at Brussels-Midi (photo
Loc SNCB Class 7728 go to Antwerpen Noordkasteelbrug  - 14 july 2003 (photo - click on to enlarge)

7801 at Zeebrugge West Harbour (september 2006 - photo - click on to enlarge)
SNCB Dmu class 4120 at Marchienne-au-Pont, september 2005 (click on picture to enlarge)
AR class 4506 at Leuze (L94 - click on picture to enlarge)

A other legend of SNCB : class 5166 at Antwerp Harbour during a special trip with PFT/TSP (photo - click to picture to enlarge)
Two legends : the class 2001 today out and the VSOE in Brussels-Midi (juni 2013 - photo - click on to enlarge)
Les 27 semblent être les seules à tenir encore dans les roulements de la SNCB alors que leurs cousines 21 sont appelées - déjà - à la retraite (Prodfonsart en 2008 - photo - cliquer pour aggrandir)
TGV IRIS 320 from SNCF Infra at Lille-Flandres (photo - click on to enlarge)
Class 80 "Break" 303 on this train Brussels-Airport - Mons - Quévy, at Ghlin (photo - click on to enlarge)
Dmu class 4168 at station Geraardsbergen on 30th of april 2007.
Belgian class 2005 near Huy, just before station Statte, line L125 (Liège-Namur). (photo - click on to enlarge)
Arrival of the 9228 from Amsterdam at Bruxelles-Midi, 17 december 2012 (photo - click on to enlarge)
Class 2374 with a class 25 and a class 20, at Zwankendamme (Zeeburgge) (photo - click on to enlarge)
Class 2730, 2715 and 2716 at Kinkempois (Liège), 13 september 2003 (photo - click on to enlarge)

Emu class 96 nb 553 at Jurbise 19 may 2012 (photo - click on to enlarge)
Class 871 leave station Freudenstadt-Hbf to reach Karlsruhe (photo - click on to enlarge)
Class 101 121-2 with a IC train to Norrdeich, at Duisburg-Hbf ( 23th of june 2013 - photo - click on picture to enlarge)
Emu class 940 "Sprinter" at Bruxelles-Midi (photo - click on to enlarge)
Class 2154 with an intercity from Mouscron at Bruxelles-Midi (photo - click on to enlarge)
Class 936 (Emu "86") leaving the station of Etterbeek (Brussels east zone) to Vilvoorde (photo - click on to enlarge)
Surprise today at depot Hellemmes in Lille (France) : the new look of "old" Eurostar TMST class 373, to reach the same design of the Velaro. Eurostar is the HST between London and the Continent, to Paris and Brussels. In 2016, also to Amsterdam. Other pictures can be seen :
Fantastic sleeping-car 3539 on this Orient-Express seen at the modern landscape of Brussels-Midi, sunday 25th of may 2014. The simple route Venice-Bruges can cost from 1600 to 2000 € per person, champagne included ! Orient-Express back to Brussels next october 2014. (click on picture to enlarge - photo
Class 2005 with his old livery with this special trip in Belgium, 25th of may 2014 (click on picture to enlarge - photo

Ex Deutsche Reichbahn class 143 at Francfort Main Station in september 2006 (click on picture to enlarge - photo
Vossloh shunting locomotive class 7713 in yard of the 5th Havendok in Antwerp, 25-07-2003 (click on picture to enlarge - photo

The empty motorail of EETC from Watergraafsmeer passing throught Rotterdam-Central station to s'Hertogenbosch, where motorail wagons will be added to continue to Italy and Slovenia (click on picture to enlarge - photo

Short video with class 13 and the 48732 empty grain train in Belgium, Ath and Jurbise. This train connects a factory near Aalst to Nesle in France. Due to rotation program of locomotives T13, the route is operated via marshalling yard of Monceau (Charleroi) and the train continues by Erquelinnes to Tergnier with another locomotive. Link video (click on picture to enlarge - photo

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The empty grain train 48732 in Jurbise, april 2014 (photo - click to picture to enlarge)
The Velaro D (e320) is the new ICE III. The first trains began successful operation in the DB rail network already in December 2013. The train was in Belgium one week for overhead line test in september 2013, seen here at Ath (photo - click on picture to enlarge and best quality)
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